Two Words. Quiet and Smooth describe the Silent Ride Trailer Suspension! As one of Timbren Australia’s authorised distributors, we are excited to provide Australia the unrivaled design of the Silent Ride Trailer Suspension. Any clanking and banging sounds are silenced. Rough and uneven towing quickly evaporates. And its rugged design ensures that it can endure Canada’s harsh climate and the rough terrain of the Australian outback.


  • Fully Equalizing Tandem Suspension
  • Exceptional Ride Quality
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish

Steel Hanger & Pivot Point:

The walking beam design is a critical element, it allows the suspension arms to freely articulate around the pivot point, ensuring that the Silent Ride tandem has full equalization.


Bonded rubber bushings are press fitted, allowing the outside of the bushing to be fully engaged in the control arm.  The result is an extremely durable, long-lasting bushing.

Rebound Spring:

This spring plays an important role in the operation of the suspension. It creates constant tension on the jounce spring when the trailer is empty. This means that full or empty the trailer will always have a smooth ride and will never bounce around like a typical trailer suspension.