The Bartlett 95mm coupling combines a low profile design, massive spherical bearing area, and micro working clearances to deliver the “Bartlett towing advantage” for rigid and hinged drawbar trailers. Backlash-free to protect the driveline, gear train and other truck and trailer chassis and body components. High degree of oscillation for flexible and convenient manoeuvrability.  Optimised load distribution with smooth riding characteristics to protect both the driver and fragile cargo.

  • 95mm Trailer Coupling
  • Rigid Drawbar: Max ATM 7,000kg
  • Hinged Drawbar: D-Value 70 kN
  • Oscillation: 22.5 degrees
  • ADR 62 compliance

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Bartlett 95mm Technical Drawing
Bartlett 95mm Technical Drawing

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Ball Size





22.5 Degrees