Trailer Couplings

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The coupling is basically a link that attaches the trailer to the towing vehicle. Being a quality supplier, we at Sunrise Trailer Parts ensure that each and every trailer coupling available in our wide range confirms to the related Australian design rules. This in turn assures that every Sunrise Trailer Part’s coupling you use is safe, secure and also proficient enough of to performing to at a high standard.

Designed For Extreme Off-Road Adventure

Couplings used for rugged off-roads and, the Australian Standard degree of articulation may seem insufficient. This, but this articulation issue was solved by the beginning of the original Sunrise Trailer Part’s Off-Road Ball Coupling.

Designed by Sunrise Trailer Parts in Melbourne particularly for radical off-road adventure, the new Sunrise Trailer Parts Off-Road Ball Coupling features vertical and horizontal articulation and also quick and simple hitching design that needs no pin or hole alignment.

Created out of high quality materials, these couplings are designed to withstand serious off-road use and deliver you with the motivation you require to take your rig into the most remote parts of Melbourne.

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