Trailer Brakes

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Trailer Brakes- The Ultimate Guide

In order to ensure the safety of towing a trailer or caravan, you should have an adequate braking system in place.

WhileWhilst the laws concerning with braking systems are handled by the state, and these laws may vary, despite most laws are being similar across Australia.
As per the regulations, the trailers having a gross trailer mass (GTM) of around 750kg or less, backed up by a single axle may not need a braking system. On the other hand, trailers weighing less than 2000kg GTMought to must have brakes that functions on a minimum of one axle, and brakes excluding override systems have to be operated from the driver’s seat.

The braking systems include:

Override Brakes
When mechanical override brakes are considered, it is advised to use the tow-coupling in order to manually pull a cable associated to the trailer’s brake drums. These are usually allowed when the GTM is basically under 2000kg.

Electronic Brakes
These are mechanically joined by the brake controller and can be operated manually using a manual control which is specifically installed within the driver’s reach. Electronic brakes are generally used on trailers and caravans weighing up to750kg and are legally required on all caravans and trailers wherein the GTM is more than 2000kg.

Note: If you’re taking into account electronic brakes, you’re supposed to install a control unit in the tow vehicle.

Sunrise Trailer Part’s’ range of Electric Brake Controllers deliver utmost safety whilste towing, providing a smoother trailer braking response ideal for 12-24 volt vehicle systems.

In case of extreme rough road use, we suggest our “Off Road” version of electric brakes which is modified particularly to extend the brake componentsryuse-life for its tremendous rugged conditions.

Breakaway Systems

Our Break Away System is designed to bring trailers securely to a stop by activating electric brakes.These systems deliver automatic turning to on of a caravan’s electronic brakes during an emergency. If your caravan was to become uncoupled from the tow vehicle, a battery will keep the system operable on the caravan for about 15 minutes.

Our Break Away System is designed to bring trailers securely to a stop by activating electric brakes.

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