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Best D Shackles To Hook-Up Chains and Manage Loads

D shackle is basically a material handling device in the form of a small round chain and armed with a pin like enclosure- which may or may not be threaded. Also known as a chain shackle, a D-shackle has a strong construction that helps it survive high loads. However, the D-shackle cannot resist side and racking loads and winds up getting distorted and perverse upon application of such loads.They’re considered as the bread of the sandwich.

Shackles are most often used for lifting where the shackle is likely to attach a load to a sling or a crane hook, in order to connect additional slings and even to create a lifting point. Sunrise Trailers offer two types of shackles.

D Shackles & Bow Shackles

Bow Shackles basically feature a bow on the curve of the shackle delivering better surface area with the load, sling or hook. These can be bought with numerous pins to close the shackle like a standard screw pin which typically just screws in to avert release of the sling, load or hook. A safety nut screw type which is the screw type with additional safety of a bolt and pin to make sure 100 percent that the screw cannot be inadvertently eliminated or worked open due to vibrations. Albeit the large-sized hoop of the bow shackle can carry loads from a few directions contrasting the D shackle, the former weighs less when it comes to resilience and solidity.

Rigging companies buy shackles in bulk as they can use well over a thousand in one rig!

Numerous Applications of D Shackles

D-shackles find an excess of applications in various settings. They are basically used in material handling applications for towing loads, lifting and reducing them through variety of stages of construction at manufacturing plants or warehouses. D-shackles are also used in water treatment plants wherein they offer defiance to erosion.

Why Buy D Shackles at Sunrise Trailers?

Sunrise Trailers stocks D-shackles of varied types for you to choose from. The Sunrise Trailers website has an eloquent user-interface and vests you with the option to shop by brands, thereby making shopping an entirely stress-free and quick experience.

Every trailer and rigger uses lifting shackles from Bow Shackles to D Shackles and you should too.

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