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Making sure that you have the correct connection between your tow vehicle and trailer lights is vital for security, as you cannot constantly catch the sight of the indicators as well as the brake lights of the tow vehicle from the back. Melbourne based Sunrise Trailer Parts’ “flat plug to small socket plug” is a guaranteed way of making sure that the connection is appropriate to help keep everyone informed of your intent while towing. Owing to its heavy-duty ABS body, this plug is extremely simple to use and absolutely ideal for boat trailers, caravans, camper trailers and also with horse floats. If you’re towing something that needs a different plug to what you have attached to your vehicle, you’ll discover the right adaptor within our range. Our trailer adaptors and plugs are created using supreme quality material. You can easily find an array of 7 pin trailer plugs and sockets, including comprehensive screw down terminals, erosion resistant metal contacts, and sealed with high quality UV alleviated plastics.

Each particular type has a socket attached to the vehicle, and the plug attached to the trailer. Often times, we find that the trailer we have hired from a pal doesn’t plug into the socket on your vehicle, and in this very moment your trailer plug adaptor comes into picture. Nearly 30cm lengthwise, and available in 6 versions to mend any mismatch of the 7 Pin Large round, 7 Pin Small round and 7 Pin Flat trailer connectors.

Discover 7 pin trailer plugs in our parts and accessories category from Melbourne region

Note: Fit in the adaptor plug end to the socket on your car, and the adaptor socket end to the plug end on your trailer.

  • Adaptor - 7 pins Round Vehicle to Flat Trailer

    Adaptor - 7 Pin Round Vehicle to Flat Trailer

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  • Adaptor - 7 Pin Flat Vehicle to Round Trailer

    Adaptor - 7 Pin Flat Vehicle to Round Trailer

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  • Adaptor Extension - 1.5m Coiled 7 Pin Round Female to Male

    Adaptor Extension - 1.5m Coiled 7 Pin Round Female to Male

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  • LED Electrical Cable Tester

    LED Electrical Cable Tester

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